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Report of the Celebration of the Feast of St. Joseph Vaz

held on Saturday the 1st June 2019

Ms. Sylvia Klafki by Ms. Sylvia Klafki, Frankfurt Germany

On 1st of June 2019 the Goan Association Germany e.V. once again celebrated the Feast of St. Joseph Vaz at Kath. Church St. Christophorus, An den Drei Steinen 42, 60435 Frankfurt am Main (Preungesheim).

The celebration started at 12:00 local time with a High Mass celebrated by Father Peter of the Catholic Church, St. Christophorus, Frankfurt. Mass was held in English. During the homily, Father Peter spoke about the life of Saint Joseph Vaz. Father Peter also mentioned St. Joseph Vas was born & brought up in India, his studies in Goa and his missionary efforts in Sri Lanka. The Mass was accompanied by the choir singing meaningful English and Konkani hymns. Before the offertory, a offertory procession was done, the Sri Lankan Flag, The GAG Logo, the Holy Bible, a small Staue of St. Joseph Vaz, the Wine & Holy Communion were brought up to the altar by parishioners which were chosen to give each item to Father Peter. The items which were brought forward to the altar and the explanation read along with it, suited the occasion perfectly. The statue of Saint Joseph Vaz was placed on side of the altar with rose flowers. After Mass, GAG President Mr. Ashly Carrasco thanked Father Peter, the Eucharistic Ministers, the Altar Servers, the choir lead by Jerome Simoes and all the helpers to celebrate the beautiful Mass. Later he invited all guests to join in the parish hall which is round the corner to celebrate together the feast.

In the parish hall, all guests were welcomed to be seated and to help themselves with soft drinks, beer, wine or water. Soon, tasty snacks were served. After the people had quenched their thirst and had snacks GAG President Mr. Ashly Carrasco welcomed the crowd, thanked the past committee members and spoke about the future of the association. The President of the Goan Association Germany, also welcomed the newly elected Executive committee members consisting of:

  • President: Mr. Ashly Carrasco
  • Vice President: Mr. Tim Pereira,
  • Treasurer: Mrs. Veron Pereira-Simoes
  • General Secretary: Ms Melaine Demelo
  • Joint Secretary: Mr. Michael Mascarenhas
  • Public Relations Officer: Mrs. Amelia D'Souza

Not forgetting, the President also thanked all their spouses and famlilies for all their hard work to make this celebration a success.

After the formalities of introduction were over, we danced to the music played by our very own Goan DJ's Simoes & Simoes. The crowd had started enjoying themselves on the dance floor, dancing to the rhythms, carefully choosen for this occasion, before soon the food was ready. Before opening the buffet, Father Peter blessed the food and said the grace. The MC then informed the guests, that the food was ready. Various kinds of dishes like salad, rice, Butter Chicken, Beef Curry, Channa & French Bread were served. It was being served by our own teenagers wearing new aprons bearing the Logo of the association, they did a great job. The food was tasty and really delicious, After lunch the crowd again hit the dance floor and then took some rest. Housie was announced & the rules of this game were explained. Many played housie which was exciting. There were good prizes to be won.

The children enjoyed their game, of breaking each others ballons tied to one's leg, conducted by Mrs. Veron Pereira-Simoes.

Later in the afternoon, Coffee and Tea were served along with several different kinds of cakes & portuguese dessert specialities, on the buffet table. It was early evening, when the well organised, enjoyable & memorable function had ended. Most of us helped to clean & clear up the place, like always.

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