Mogal Goenkar Bhoinino ani Bhavano,

Goan Association Germany e.V. celebrates different functions. This section has reports of some of the functions.

Dev borem korum.

Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Friday, June 14, 2024, 03:32 AM

Report of the GAG e.V. Christmas Get-Together 2014

held on Sat. 29th Nov. 2014 at Frankfurt Preungesheim
by Ms. Maria Joanita Franke, Germany

The 11th Christmas Get-Together of the Goan Association Germany e.V. was hosted on 29th November 2014 at the regular venue, Preungesheim, Frankfurt. The ambience in the hall was buzzing with excitement.The stage, the table decorations and the Christmas tree brought one in a festive mood. The party started at 19.00 Hours. The General Secretary, Mrs Maria Joanita Franke welcomed the guests. This was followed by a welcome speech from the President Mr. Jerome Simoes.

There was a session of dancing to the scintillating music played by DJ Trevor Simoes whereby the people showed their dancing skills. Drinks could be bought at the bar against coupons. Light salted munchies and nuts were laid on the table to accompany the drinks.The party was attended by a lot of people from different parts of Germany. Soon a Dekni Dance was announced which was performed by children and teenagers. The lights went off and you heard the song " Hanv Saiba Polltodi Vetan ". The dance was well organized and the girls with their beautiful sarees looked dazzling. The audience gave a big clap to the boys and girls for their performance. After some regular dancing, a traditional Goan Kunbi Dance was announced. To the tunes of the song " Polle Polle ", 5 couples dressed in traditional costumes put up a fantastic show,which drew a huge applause from the audience. This dance was organised by Mrs Maria Joanita Franke.

Very soon the aroma of the goan cuisine reached the hall. A tasty buffet was laid out consisting of chicken xacuti, rice, pork vindaloo, vegetable salad and dessert. This was followed by tea and coffee and tasty bebinca which was prepared by Mrs Madge Esteves, who faithfully prepares it almost every year.

Tombola coupons were sold during dinner to raise funds for the association and a lot of prizes were given out. After this, a surprise solo performance from Anthony D'Silva was staged, which was very humorous and entertaining. Hats off to him!!!

Santa Claus arrived to the sounds of "Jingle Bells " and all the kids were either excited or afraid, but in the end were happy as Santa Claus never comes empty -handed. It was wonderful to see a lot of smiles on the childrens faces.

An evening for all ages, where old friends meet and make some new. Taste buds enjoying delicious Goan cuisine, tapping of feet to great music and lots of dancing, was what the Christmas party was about.

Many thanks to the entire managing committee members and helpers who contributed to make this Christmas party so special. Thanks to all who attended the party and made it truly enjoyable. I wish everybody a wonderful and a prosperous New Year 2015!

Report of the Family Picnic 2014

held on Saturday the 19th of July 2014
by Mr. Gordon Ferrao, Frankfurt Germany

The annual picnic of the goan association was held on 19.07.2014 at Waldpark in Schwanheim. The president Jerome rose up early in the morning inorder to find a cool and cosy place where he could reserve the tables and benches. The tables were set and the drinks were placed in ice to cool.

John and Gordon arrived thereafter and the grills were quickly put up. Ashly and Gordon very soon had the fire burning and the charcoals glowing. About 20 kilos of chicken were marinated by Jollyn. Jerome arranged to get the steaks and specially made spicy suasages for the picnic.

Very soon Ashly, Gordon and Tassy got the meats grilling so that by the time the guests arrived most of it was ready for consumption. On arrival, Avelar and Reggie helped Grilling so that the others could get a break.

The invitees started arriving one by one with their bowls of side dishes such as salads, rice, cooked vegetables and deserts. Slowly Jerome got the ball rolling by welcoming the 100 odd guests and thanking them for their presence and help during the year. Grace was said and the laid out buffet thrown open to all.

After lunch picnic songs specially chosen by Maria Franke were sung, followed by games for the kids and adults-planned and arranged by Sylvie as usual. In the meantime Housie cupons were sold out to whoever was interested.

The afternoon passed by with tea and coffee being served in between. Audrey managed to get thermo flasks filled with hot water all the way from home and arranged for the tea bags and coffeee to be served. The pastries were served with the tea and coffee. This was followed by the game of Housie. The prizes were distributed.

Whoever was interested helped themselves to an evening meal or a drink and thereafter the invittees slowly started their way home.

The tables, grills etc were dismantled and the picnic came to an end at around 19:00 hours with everyone saying goodbye to one another.

Report of the Celebration of the Feast of Blessed Padre Jose Vaz ( Blessed Father Joseph Vaz).

held on Saturday the 10th of May 2014
by Mrs Maria Joanita Franke, Germany

The Feast of Padre Jose Vaz was celebrated by the Goan Association Germany e.V. (GAG) on 10 May 2014 at 11.00 sharp at St Christophorus Church in Preungesheim, Frankfurt. The celebrant of the High Mass was an Indian priest, called Father Raj Kumar. The mass was held in English and in his homily, Father Kumar spoke about the life of Padre Jose Vaz and about our Christian values. Everyone was very touched by his sermon. Prayers were also said for his early sainthood. The choir sang hymns in English and Konkani, accompanied by a young group of boys and girls which comprised of 3 violinists, 1 guitarist, and a keyboard player. The hymns sung were very meaningful. Padre Jose Vaz‘s statue was placed in the church whereby the congregation after mass paid their respect.

After mass a social get-together took place at 12:30 p.m. in a closeby parish hall. About 90 people were present who came from different parts of Germany. The President of the Goan Association Germany, Mr. Jerome Simoes welcomed the guests and thanked Fr. Raj Kumar for celebrating the mass. He then took over the duties of Master of Ceremonies.

Softdrinks, beer, wine, and water was sold at reasonable rates at the bar. The DJ Trevor Simoes provided music and people took to the floor. Monsignor Fr. Stephen Alker, who was also present, blessed the food and said the grace before the buffet was declared open to all. The delicious food was served consisting of rice, sorpotel, bean sambar, vegetables, chilli con carne and salad followed by vanilla pudding and cream caramel as desserts. Tea and coffee along with cakes was also provided later in the afternoon.

A professional photographer was present to take photographs in the church and reception hall and those who wished to take personal photographs were welcomed to do so at a cheap rate. Sylvia Klafki whose heart beats for children, organised a game for the kids not to bore them. The winner was given a prize. Also a housie game (Bingo) was conducted by Reginaldo D'Sousa where lovely prizes were given away. To encourage young talents, Jelyssa and George Esteves gave a beautiful duet on the stage with their keyboard and clarinet. The music enchanted the ears of the audience as they played in unison and did a perfect job.

The General Secretary Mrs. Maria Joanita Franke thanked all the helpers and donors and all the guests for gracing the occasion. All in all, the managing committee organised this event well. All departed towards the end with satisfaction having met friends, and other countrymen, who enjoyed goan specialities, and having heard Konkani songs.

Adios, Viva Goa, anik Dev Boren Korun tumkan soglleank.